ezBuy™ to Open 50 Internet Auction Channels featuring live hosts, live video chat, virtual reality and user generated content.

ezBuy - 5 levels of interactivity

A better way to sell products


Better than eBay

Their auctions run days long. ezBuy auctions last only 3 to 5 minutes so there is plenty of action and excitement. With eBay, you don’t see or interact with the other bidders. With ezBuy’s video chat technology, bidders can see and interact with each other while competing to win. So there is plenty of action and excitement.

ezBuy™ home page showing 12 of 48 channels

Handbag and Leather Accessories Channel

Better than QVC and HSN

When you tune in to QVC and HSN, you never know what is going to be up for sale. It might be jewelry, it might be computers or it might be dresses. Each of ezBuy’s 24/7 channels features only one product group. If you go to the golf channel, you see only golf related products being auctioned. If you go to the Skin Care/Cosmetics channel, you see only skin care and cosmetics being auction. ezBuy’s 24 online channels lets you get what you want when you want it.

Better than Amazon

ezBuy has an advanced product search engine that enables our customers to find the exact product they want quicker and more accurately.  With Amazon you only get a picture of the item and a description. With ezBuy you get a 30 second to 3 minute video about the product. Professional marketing and advertising executives know that video is more effective at creating sales that pictures and text.

ezBuy Enables Shoppers Worldwide Access Across All Internet Devices


Personal Computers

Smart Phones

Five Levels of Interactivity

ezBuy features live auctions, live video streaming, live video chat, live text chat and virtual reality. No other website is as immersive or addictive.

Off-loaded distribution enables exponential growth

ezBuy™ provides the equipment, staff and talent to conduct  live HD Internet auctions. Name brand channel partners such as Nike, GNC and Victoria’s Secret provide the product and fulfillment.  So we don’t need to build and operate warehouses that would impede exponential growth.

ezBuy Is Designed to go Viral Two Ways


Method #1 Signup Bonus: New users get $25 added to their account just for signing up. This, of course, is to encourage them to start bidding right away.


Method #2 Refer a Friend Bonus: When our customers refer a friend, both the friend and the customer each get $25 added to their account. However, our customer does not get the $25 added to his account until their friend spends at least $100.

ezBuy™ Revenues

The company expects to build and operate 24 channels by the close of Year Two and 48 channels within three years. Income will be derived from product markups and commissions.  ezBuy™ will generate income  two ways :

1. ezBuy™ Multi-Vendor Auction Channels - These channels will feature products from multiple manufacturers and brands within vertically specialized product segments. For example, the ezBuy™ Golf Channel sells clubs, balls and hats. ezBuy™ will have an agreed upon base price from the vendor. Anything over that price is kept by ezBuy™. ezBuy™ and the vendor split the income at a negotiated percentage.


2. Single Vendor Channels – ezBuy™ will partner with name brands to build and operate private-label on-line shopping channels. For example, “The Nike Sports Apparel Channel” or the “GNC Vitamins & Supplements Channel”. Revenue will be derived from operational fees paid by Channel Partners as well as a percentage of gross sales.


ezBuy™ expects to reach gross revenues of over three billion dollars in the fifth year from 48 owned or operated Internet shopping channels. ezBuy™ projects a positive cash flow by the end of Year One.

Who We Are

ezBuy.tv™ is owned by IPTV International. IPTV also owns TV Pro Gear. The company manufacturers video systems optimized for streaming to the Internet. In addition, IPTV owns a business unit that provides crew and equipment for shooting live events that are distributed via the Internet and/or via satellite.  IPTV Internationals clients' include NBC, AOL, Disney, PBS, Bloomberg, Comcast, Dow/DuPont, the US Army and the US Navy.

  • Most recently, the company built two Virtual Reality mobile production trucks for Intel. They were used to live stream the 2017 Super Bowl, the Oscars and the NCCA March Madness Tournament.
  • In April of 2017, IPTV worked with NASA to do the first 4K transmission to and from the International Space Station.
  • In May of 2017, IPTV’s was hired by QVC to do a live satellite remote from a mansion in Beverly Hills that resulted in $1.6 million dollars in sales during the 2-hour transmission.
  • IPTV also built the encoding center for streaming the Winter Olympics and NFL Football.

ezBuy.tv™ leverages IPTV’s experience in manufacturing advanced video systems and its experience in video production, Virtual Reality and live Internet streaming.

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